Help & Support

You are not alone as a caregiver or if you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Many churches, city or county organizations and departments, as well as friends, family and medical professionals can help connect you with support, guidance and knowledge.  Even your local library, Chamber of Commerce, or the Internet can help you to learn more, especially if you are in a region, town or country where support is limited. 

Ask those you know about educational events, information, elder attorney contacts, resources, and support groups.  Visit national and global websites for research information, tips and get involved in activities where you will meet other caregivers or friends who can share insight with you.

I have put together a small grouping of links you might find helpful.  It is not by any means all-inclusive, but I hope you find it informative and a start to any other connections for knowledge and support that you go on to utilize.

Alzheimer’s Association

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National Institute on Aging Fact Sheet

Alzheimer's Foundation of America